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Daniel Rosas

Dancer, Youtuber, Director

Battling Confidence, Fear of Rejection, and Limited Dance Repertoire

In 2013, I stumbled upon my passion for Salsa dancing. It was a revelation for someone who had never danced before and struggled with shyness. Little did I know, it would become my life’s calling.

Since that pivotal moment, I’ve immersed myself in the world of Salsa, attending countless festivals worldwide to hone my skills and cultivate my unique dance style. 


But Salsa isn’t just about mastering patterns and shines; it’s about passion, self-confidence, trust, and forging a deep connection with both your dance partner and the music.


Salsa has been transformative for me. It’s empowered me to break free from my shell and embrace life with newfound confidence and freedom. I know it might sound cliché, but Salsa truly brings me unparalleled joy and allows me to live in the moment like nothing else.



Today, I’m proud to have built a thriving community on YouTube, where I share my love for Salsa with over 150,000 followers. Through my channel, I offer insights, tutorials, and inspiration to fellow dancers around the globe.


But my journey doesn’t stop there. I’ve made it my mission to spread the joy of Salsa far and wide, teaching lessons and workshops across the world. 

45 M
Youtube Views
100 K
50 +
5 Y

My mission is to help people improve their lifestyles through dance, to experience more joy, happiness, and self-awareness.

Daniel Rosas

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Daniel Rosas

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