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I help students transform into confident dancers with my exclusive salsa lessons tailored for non-dancers.

Are you ready to step onto the dance floor with confidence and style?

Meet Daniel Rosas, the renowned Salsa YouTuber known for his cinematic dance videos and empowering tutorials. With a charismatic and masculine flair, Daniel brings salsa to life, making it accessible for everyone.

Daniel Rosas

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Become the Salsero you've always dreamed of

Designed for you, Daniel Rosas will guide you to boost your confidence, connect with others, and turn every step into a celebration. Ideal for non-dancers seeking fun on the dance floor and strong connection with dance partners. Learn Salsa from Daniel Rosas and become a confident dancer today!

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Salsa Online classes

Dive into the world of salsa from the comfort of your home! Join our dynamic online classes led by Daniel Rosas. Perfect for beginners and non-dancers alike.

Private Salsa Classes

Interested in 1:1 Salsa private or group classes, exploring Lisbon or hitting the surf? Join Daniel Rosas in Lisbon to enhance your dance skills with personalized attention. Tailored instruction to meet your goals ensures rapid progress and confidence on the dance floor.

Men Mentoring

In this mentoring, it's not just about dancing. It's about becoming a smooth operator, helping you feeling more self-confident, self-reflective, and ultimately more visible and attractive to women on the dance floor and beyond.


What student's say

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Here's why Daniel Rosas' style is a game changer

Minimalistic Elements​

Emphasizes the beauty of understatement, allowing the dancer to convey grace and emotion through the power of less.​

Masculinity in Motion

The sensuality and connection in masculine dancing can be appealing to some women. The ability to lead confidently contributes to a more captivating and enjoyable dance experience. ​

Simplified Elegance

Dancing with simple moves lets you concentrate on the emotions of the dance, rather than complex patterns. It helps both partners learn and improve together, adding more complexity as they feel more confident and skilled.

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Daniel Rosas

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